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How Do I Connect My LG C1 to My Soundbar? 5 Easy Methods

How Do I Connect My LG C1 to My Soundbar? 5 Easy Methods

Are you new to the world of soundbars and want to know how to connect your LG C1 to one?

To have a pleasant home theater experience, your soundbar and television must be in sync. Even if the LG corporation employs cutting-edge technology and offers the greatest goods, maintaining each configuration may be difficult for beginners.

So, if you’ve just unpacked your LG TV and soundbar and want to avoid the annoyance of audio delays and bad quality, check out this quick instruction put up by our staff.

Various Ways to Connect LG C1 to Soundbar?

You may connect a soundbar to an LG C1 in a variety of ways since the two components have several combinations that allow the system to function properly. Let’s look at how you may connect using different inputs.

1. How To Connect Soundbar To LG C1 With HDMI

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) ports are a popular type of communication. Although a soundbar includes audio, HDMI connections convey both audio and video in excellent quality.

There may also be mentions of HDMI eARC (improved audio return channel). Or the 2017 version, which included higher bitrates, fuller surround sound, and support for more audio codecs, as well as HDMI ARC (audio return channel), which debuted in 2009 and enabled two-way audio.

To connect your soundbar to your TV through HDMI, your LG TV must have HDMI-ARC. The word “ARC” (for Audio Return Channel) indicates that the cable may send audio in both directions.

To connect a soundbar to an LG C1, locate the HDMI 1 port on the TV, also known as the HDMI (ARC) port.

Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the input slot of the soundbar and the other into the HDMI port. You must explore the TV’s settings to choose the port.

Furthermore, check that the cables are properly inserted and that the ports are clean and free of damage, dust, dirt, and debris. You may clean the ports by blowing them out with compressed air and using a Q-tip coated in rubbing alcohol.

Finally, the cable should be undamaged. It would also assist if you cleaned it on a regular basis because dirt and dust might interfere with data transfer.

2. How To Connect Soundbar To LG C1 With Optical Cable

LG soundbars may also be used with optical cables. This cable, also known as a digital audio connection cable, may be capable of transmitting high-definition sound from your TV to your sound bar.

Before attaching an optical cable from your LG sound bar to the TV, locate the optical input port. After connecting it in, connect the cord to the soundbar’s optical input port.

The next step is to choose the appropriate port from the TV’s sound menu.

Using HDMI or optical cables with a soundbar has long been a point of contention. Both alternatives are useful, but selecting one over the other has advantage.

Optical connections transform an electrical signal to optical light before converting it back to electrical when it reaches the other end of the wire. This can transmit signals with higher visual and audio resolution while decreasing interference even farther than HDMI.

3. Connect with Aux or 3.5mm Cable

The red connection is inserted into the red socket, while the white connector is inserted into a white output socket. This is true for both the soundbar and the television.

This option is useful if your TV does not support HDMI or digital optical cable.

To transfer an audio signal, you can utilize an auxiliary input or a cable. This may be used for audio signals in the same way that we use connections in our phones and other audio devices.

If your TV or Soundbar does not support the connection, an aux to RCA converter is an option. These cables are less costly than HDMI and optical cables.

Most modern soundbars include 3.5mm auxiliary connectors. You don’t have to be a pro to connect an aux cable to a TV.

If your TV supports this connection function, we recommend utilizing a Syncwire nylon braided aux cord. All devices with a 3.5mm audio headphone connector will work. The connection is 24K gold plated to increase signal stability and audio transmission clarity.

This excellent replacement is about ten bucks or less. However, there are better alternatives. You’ll need to resolve a couple issues with this connection.

4. How To Use a USB port To Connect LG Soundbar To TV

A USB port on a soundbar is uncommon, and those that do exist are rarely utilized for audio. The correct port will only be present on occasion, but your TV will always be able to read it.

You might try the following procedures:

Join the TV and the USB port on the Soundbar.

Select the appropriate Soundbar function.

Select the appropriate TV sound option.

USB is primarily used for data transfer; it is unlikely to function with audio. Although it appears to function, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wireless, and Optical connections are more superior.

5. LG Sound Sync: Wireless Connection Of Soundbars to LG TV

LG Sound Sync is a feature included with the LG C1. It allows you to connect a wireless home theater system or soundbar to your LG TV.

Sound sync enables connecting your LG TV to your home theater, soundbar, and sound plate effortless and wire-free. Your LG-compatible devices can connect wirelessly with Sound Sync, removing the need for wires and syncing audio between devices.

Using a Soundbar or Sound Plate, Activate Sound Sync.

  1. Press the Home button on the Magic Remote.
  2. Select the Settings icon.
  3. Click on sound, and then Sound Out.
  4. Switch the setting to “LG Sound Sync Wireless” from “TV Speaker.”
  5. Press Device Selection (Your TV will start looking for compatible connections.)
  6. Press the LG TV button on the remote control. (The soundbar will now go into pairing mode.)
  7. The sound bar’s name will show up on the screen.
  8. Clicking the circle next to the name will begin the Bluetooth connection.
  9. It will now appear under “Paired Devices.”
  10. Click the Trash icon to remove the speaker from the list.

    Activate Sound Sync for a Home Theater

    1. Turn on your Sound Bar.
    2. Press the FUNC or F buttons on the remote control until the right LG T selected.V is
    3. In the sound settings on your TV, enable LG Sound Sync (Wireless). For specific instructions, read the owner’s manual for your TV.
    4. If everything is correctly connected, “PAIRED” will appear for around 3 seconds on your Sound Bar’s display window, followed by “LG TV.”

Where does the soundbar go in an LG C1?

If you mount your LG C1 to the wall, the upward-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos will blast into the bottom of the TV. As a result, you should use anything other than the soundbar’s provided wall mounting brackets.

You should acquire something like the Rocketfish mount. The soundbar would dangle 4 to 6 inches below the TV to provide the upward-firing speakers a clean shot at your ceiling.

With the Rockfish, two curving black metal rods would protrude beneath the TV.

What soundbar is compatible with LG C1?

Given the LG C1 TV’s rich picture and rapid reaction time, our sound engineers chose Sonos Beam as the best soundbar for the C1.

The greatest soundbars, on the other hand, should provide outstanding audio with high sampling rates and bit depths. As the LG brand has been at the forefront of new TV technology, you would expect acoustics that can keep up with high frame rates and the greatest screens.

LG TV owners should use soundbars with Dolby DTS or Atmos 3D surround sound to boost audio quality and movie-watching experience.


A soundbar is the ideal method to link an LG TV with external speakers for an outstanding listening experience. However, a difficulty may develop from time to time that neither a handbook nor a soundbar specialist can resolve.

It might be difficult to figure out how to connect a soundbar to an LG TV at first, but as you go through the steps, you’ll comprehend each one. If you still need to figure out the cables for your home theater system, our technical experts and in-house audiophiles recommend that you thoroughly review the user handbook. It could be more useful than you think.

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