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8 Best Soundbar Under $100 in 2024

8 Best Soundbar Under $100 in 2024

You want a soundbar that produces high-quality sound without being overly expensive when looking for a soundbar that is reasonably priced.

When you put on your favorite movie, dealing with TV speakers that are paper-thin and have subpar sound can be frustrating. The struggle is real. If you want to establish an inexpensive home theater and want sound equipment that can play music and movies well, the soundbar is the solution.

On the TV soundbar market, many great other options are available for half or even a third of the price of some premium models. According to their features and sound quality, we’ve created a list of the Best soundbars under $100.

1. Roku Streambar Soundbar (best overall)

  • Brand: Roku
  • Model Name: 9102R
  • Speaker Type: HDMI, USB 2.0
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, Andriod, Samsung, Smart Phone
  • Streaming: Netflix
  • Dimension: 14″L x 4.2″W x 2.4″H
  • Number of channels: 2.0

The Streambar is really simple to install and operate. This mini bar is fantastic for the price if you’re looking for a quick, simple, decent-sounding soundbar that fits in a small space and offers streaming options.

Fantastic and very audible above all noises is the middle. Additionally, considering its small, it produces acceptable bass, making it the ideal audio system for apartments. It matches most higher-end soundbars, albeit it won’t sound as fantastic as a surround sound system with a subwoofer. It without a doubt outperforms the strength and caliber of typical TV speakers.

The little bar is primarily constructed of plastic. Contrarily, the front and sides are covered in fabric. The bar’s modest footprint enables it to easily fit into most current configurations and between the legs of a 55-inch TV stand. Its low height also prevents it from obstructing your TV’s view.

The bar is sturdy. The bar’s front and sides are covered in a tight cloth that gives the impression that it won’t easily rip. It has thick, hard plastic on the top and rear. The cloth might yet continue to gather dirt and dust. It’s a nice touch that the bottom of the soundbar is covered with rubber.

The majority of vocally heavy music and television programs are ideal for this 2.0 arrangement. You receive a crystal-clear and precise portrayal of these sounds thanks to its well-balanced frequency response.

As with most freestanding bars, in my experience, you don’t get a lot of low-bass rumble, but you can always add a separate sub to enhance its bass reproduction. When you set the bass to “8,” you get a more well-balanced sound with a little thump in the bass register, bringing bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop to life.

As with most freestanding bars, in my experience, you don’t get a lot of low-bass rumble, but you can always add a separate sub to enhance its bass reproduction. When you set the bass to “8,” you get a more well-balanced sound with a little thump in the bass register, bringing bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop to life.

Due to its diminutive size, this soundbar won’t be as loud as many other soundbars we’ve tried and won’t be loud enough for a large or crowded room. Fortunately, a typical-sized living room can still hear it.

This soundbar has some functions for improving the sound. The four selectable EQ presets are “Standard,” “Dialogue,” “Movie,” “Music,” and “Night.” To lessen the volume of obnoxious advertisements, you can also set the Volume Mode function to “Off,” “Leveling,” or “Night Mode.” Additionally, you can pick between “Off,” “Low,” and “High” on the customizable Speech Clarity option to make voices more audible.

Our Verdict

The majority of music and TV shows with a lot of stereo content work great on the Roku Streambar. The bar mimics the sounds of your favorite musical compositions as well as comedy and podcast voices. When listening to bass-heavy music, you don’t experience the low-bass rumbling as you do with most small standalone bars. It doesn’t support Atmos and doesn’t offer the best surround sound.

  • 2. PHEANOO 2.1 P15 Sound Bar (best quality soundbar under 100

  • Brand: PHEANOO
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth version: 5.0 / HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) / Optical in / AUX in
  • Recommended Uses For Product:  For Televisions 
  • Streaming: Bluetooth
  •  Dimension: 3.8 x 16 x 2.9 inches
  • Number of channels: 2.1

The PHEANOO 2.1 P15 Sound Bar is the best option if you want to replace your TV speakers for the least amount of money imaginable. These speakers have a loud enough volume to comfortably fill any living space.

For a movie standard surround sound experience, the soundbar can decode Dolby Digital audio according to our testing. The built-in subwoofer improves the movie experience even more. The soundbar’s robust delivery is supported by the 2.1 configuration’s tremendous bass.

Plastic building materials, while not of the finest grade, are adequate for enclosures. The physical design of the materials is also excellent. Due to its significantly lower price range, PHEANOO uses fewer premium materials than items like a Samsung Soundbar.

The inside is more important than the surface materials, which are reasonably high-end. The speakers’ sound and feel are comparable to those of competitors selling their products for far higher prices.

When opposed to tiny TV speakers, a subwoofer, despite not being a powered device, allows you to hear the bottom end much more clearly. If you’re hoping for ear-shattering, wall-rattling bass, this soundbar is not for you. The performance of this unit in a 200-square-foot bedroom is excellent.

This compact soundbar has an excellent sound characteristic that outperforms the built-in TV speakers. Depending on how loud you typically listen, it doesn’t have the strongest “room filling sound.” It is acceptable to occupy the majority of reasonably sized living rooms or bedrooms, nevertheless.

It is loud and produces Dolby home theater sound. My opinion is that if the user presses the main center button’s left side, the subwoofer produces a deep, powerful base. Overall, if you’re on a tight budget and own or rent a condo with a small living room, this sound system will work just fine for you.

Our Verdict

We suggest buying the PHEANOO Soundbar as a result of our review. This soundbar is quite effective considering its size and price. If you want to update your TV speakers or give your movies additional depth with a dedicated subwoofer, this is for you.

3. TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar (best compact soundbar under 100)

  • Brand: TCL
  • Model Name:TSR1-NA 
  • Speaker Type: HDMI, USB 2.0
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, Andriod, Samsung, Smart Phone
  • Streaming: Pandora, Roku TV, Spotify
  • Dimension: 3.9″D x 31.5″W x 2.5″H
  • Number of channels: 2.0

Although it powers speakers and TVs, Roku is most recognized for its well-liked streaming devices, such as the amazing Roku Express 4K Plus. The Roku TV Wireless Soundbar was developed by TCL to integrate these last two categories. Although it has superior sound quality compared to other soundbars in its price range, one of its greatest flaws is that it is entirely wireless.

The soundbar has no physical connections but is simple to use and significantly improves the sound quality of your Roku TV. Most standing TV screens can fit beneath it because it is small enough. In order to mount it correctly the first time, it also comes with a mounting template and a step-by-step mounting guide.

If you have a Roku TV, get this soundbar; else, it won’t function. Additionally, it won’t work when a Roku streamer is connected to a TV that isn’t a Roku. This gadget is specifically made for Roku TV customers.

The Wireless Soundbar offers a classy appearance with its faux-brushed finish and diamond-cut corners. The soundbar has a wall-mount kit and measures 31.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches height. Although it lacks a built-in subwoofer, it boasts a 120-watt output and EQ features like bass enhancement and night mode.

In our testing, the ultra-low frequencies that can cause walls to vibrate are produced by a separate subwoofer, although it does go low enough to provide the impression of thunder.

Despite its compact size, the speaker is fairly loud; in the majority of listening situations, you won’t need to dial the volume up over 40%. It can provide a large sound field despite its stereo construction, which keeps the audio primarily centered around the TV.

Every time you want to adjust the volume or sound settings, you don’t have to wrangle a second remote. The settings on the bar are controlled by the remote that comes with your Roku TV. There is easy access to the sound settings. To display both your sound bar and Roku TV settings at once, press the star button on your Roku TV remote.

TCL Roku TV Wireless, in my opinion, automatically adjusts the sound for night listening so as not to wake the home, turning up the level of conversations and lowering the volume of noisy ads.

You may wirelessly stream your preferred music and podcasts from apps like TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, and others using Bluetooth wireless technology on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Automatic software updates for the soundbar make sure it is always becoming better and performing at its best.

Thanks to the soundbar’s unique sound modes, you can easily change the audio quality to match what you’re watching. On the rear of the soundbar, there is a reset button and a socket for the power cable.

Our Verdict

The Alto R1, a wireless soundbar from TCL for Roku TVs, is a respectable soundbar that offers good value for the money. Even though the speaker doesn’t support any surround sound standards, the soundbar offers powerful stereo sound to your compatible TV.

4. VIZIO V-Series Stereo Soundbar (best pc soundbar under 100)

  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Model Name: V20-J8
  • Speaker Type: Surround 
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Special Feature:  Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Remote Control, USB Playback, Voice Command
  • Streaming: Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Dimension:   24 x 2.3 x 3.2″ 
  • Number of channels: 2.0

Computer speakers work well with the VIZIO V-Series Stereo Soundbar, especially in confined spaces. It’s the perfect size and sound for a compact desktop setup. Small to medium-sized rooms are ideal for the sleek, low-profile design, which fits neatly below smaller TVs.

The soundbar produces excellent, deep, and complete bass even at the lowest volume settings. Although with the right bass settings, it takes some getting used to, the treble could be better.

The audio is of the highest caliber, with the subwoofer base enhancing the bar’s rich stereo sound. Fantastic is the “night” mode. Everything is still audible, but the bass isn’t as loud, keeping everyone from waking up.

The simplicity of setup is one feature that works well with an HDMI connection. Simply plugging in the bar was all that was required to establish a connection between the Bluetooth and subwoofer. The remote is quite practical, and it is easy to switch between the movie and music modes.

You may experience outstanding clarity and room-filling sound thanks to Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround working together to provide a realistic audio experience. DTS TruVolume technology is additionally implemented.

It’s easy to tune your audio for the optimal listening experience thanks to a comfortable grip and a fully equipped remote.
The integrated Bluetooth makes it simple to stream music, podcasts, and other media from apps like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.

The HDMI ARC input enables you to deliver the best audio from your TV to the soundbar while allowing you to easily operate the soundbar using the TV remote.

Our Verdict

You can improve the audio on your display and gain from Bluetooth wireless streaming with the VIZIO V-Series Stereo Soundbar. DTS Virtual:X sound technology will give your movies and TV shows a fictitious 3D soundstage. The soundbar offers Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming and pairing with compatible devices.

  • 5. Vizio SB2020n-J6 (best budget)

  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Model Name: SB2020n-J6
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Recommended Uses For Product:  For Surround Sound Systems, For Gaming Consoles, For Televisions, For Smartphones or Tablets
  • Streaming: Bluetooth
  •  Dimension: 20 x 4.45 x 2.19 inches
  • Number of channels: 2.0

The subwoofer is unsatisfactory even when there is a low rumbling sound, as in 5.1 movies. However, there is a lot of loudness and superb sound quality. Even with the subwoofer dialed up, the “test” sound produces adequate sound from the soundbar but just a modest amount of volume from the subwoofer.

With this soundbar, voices and lead instruments are reproduced clearly. The majority of musicals and television programs benefit from this, therefore. However, because to the apparent lack of bass, it is inappropriate for listening to music genres featuring a lot of bass, such hip-hop.

The Vizio SB2020n-J6 has a few functions for sound amplification. There are controls for the sound’s bass, treble, and EQ settings, which include presets for “Movie,” “Music,” “Game,” and “Dialogue.” When viewing TV at night, you can change the level and make the dialogue louder. Night Mode is another feature.

Unfortunately, it lacks more upscale capabilities like room adjustment, which means that the sound will vary slightly according on the room. The Vizio soundbar doesn’t produce a lot of volume. Although it functions effectively in informal settings, more sound must be produced to cover a large space.

According to my personal experience, the top of the bar features a few buttons that may be used to turn the device on or off, switch the input, begin a Bluetooth pairing, and adjust the volume. The simple remote controls let you change the EQ settings, inputs, and bass and treble levels. But compared to its predecessor, it has a slightly different style.

The Vizio SB2020n-J6’s auto-off feature switches it off after a specified period of inactivity. Additionally, there is limited support for HDMI CEC with a Vizio TV remote that is compatible, enabling you to manage some of the bar’s most basic features like power and volume.

Our Verdict

The Vizio SB2020n-J6 performs poorly when it comes to watching movies but excels when it comes to giving listeners the benefits of uncompressed PCM-formatted music. The DTS Virtual:X option can be used to expand the soundstage, and the dialogue reproduction is fairly clear. In moments with a lot of action, it can’t become very loud, and you can’t hear the deep rumbling and pounding.

6. XZJX Direct 2.1 Slim Sound Bar (best soundbar and subwoofer under 100)

  • Type of mount: Full Motion
  • TV sizes: 26-55 inches 
  • Max weight limit: 80 lbs   
  • Movement Type: Tilt, articulating 
  • VESA patterns: 200*100- 400*400mm  
  • Wall Type: wood studs 
  • Cable Management: yes

A budget-friendly thin soundbar is the XZJX Direct Sound Bar. A 4′′ wired subwoofer is added to the soundbar, making it superior than any conventional soundbar. Its ultra-slim design, four strong full-range speakers, and 100W of power produce clear 3D sound.

The sleek soundbar, which is 32 inches long and divided into two halves for placement options, is my experience. Turn counterclockwise to join two pieces. By rotating counterclockwise, divide them.

To fine-tune your audio to match your preferred sound, there are, in my opinion, 5 EQ Modes: 5 clever modes (Game, Movie, Bass, Music, News). The input, mode, bass, and treble can all be easily changed using the remote control that comes with the soundbar.

Different Bluetooth devices can connect to one another, allowing you to listen to music from your mobile devices without any limitations thanks to easy wireless connections. Supported inputs include optical, AUX, TF Card, and USB. Compatibility options include 4k and HD TVs, Firesticks, DVD players, and more.

A subwoofer measuring 5.51L*4.88D*11.81H inches with a 20W RMS stable frequency of 50Hz ultra-bass produces bass that is more powerful than 2.0 soundbars. For small to medium-sized rooms with TVs up to 55 inches, the soundbar may get rather loud.

The input mode, volume, and equalizer mode you set up are immediately and simply accessible with an LED display. Unwanted nuisance can be avoided with a simple LED OFF button.

Our Verdict

Rich and ideal for the top and bottom of the TV, the sound quality of the XZJX Direct Sound Bar is excellent. The TV speaker lacks the richness that the bass speaker adds. Very inexpensive and simple to put up. The sound bar’s own subwoofer produces very deep bass, treble, and bass, making it ideal for small spaces. It has a remote control that makes changing settings a breeze.

7. Wohome S9960 (best hdmi soundbar under 100)

  • Brand: Wohome
  • Model Name: S9930-9960 Series
  • Speaker Type: 2.1 Channel 
  • Connectivity Technology: RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, Optical, HDMI 
  • Recommended Uses For Product:  For Televisions
  • Streaming: Bluetooth
  • Dimension: 32 x 4.3 x 3.2 inches (81.3 x 10.9 x 8.1 cm)|
  • Number of channels: 2.1

The Wohome S9920 is a 32-inch TV soundbar that works with screens that size and above. It includes a built-in subwoofer that improves home audio systems and delivers strong bass. Saving money and space, a soundbar that has a built-in 3′′ sub-range speaker and bass reflex tube generates powerful bass without the need for a separate subwoofer.

32-Inch is suited for TVs that are 40 inches or larger, whether they are mounted on the wall or placed on a table. The Wohome S9920 has a classic black, ultra-slim style that is perfect to beautify your interior.

Station 2.For your music, movies, and TV shows, a single soundbar creates surround sound using two 20 W full-range speakers and one 20 W sub-range speaker.

A music EQ, a movie EQ, a news EQ, and a default sound EQ are the four various sound EQs available. The default sound option also allows you to change the bass and treble. Additionally, you may stream music wirelessly from computers, CD players, cellphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Nearly all smart TVs, conventional TVs, Roku Streaming Sticks, Fire TV Sticks, and other cable box brands are compatible with the soundbar. You can stream content from video apps like Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, and others using this soundbar.

The soundbar offers wired connections by HDMI-ARC, optical, RCA, and USB (RCA cable, optical cable, and quick setup instructions supplied); enjoy superb sound just a few minutes of setup.

Our Verdict

The Wohome S9960 isn’t a huge replacement for built-in speakers on most displays, but it is an improvement. The built-in speakers on your TV are an amazing upgrade, but you should use this soundbar according to its conditions. Due to its limited volume, this sound bar won’t be able to produce bass that shakes the room, but for the money, it’s a really good product.

8. Sonos Ray Soundbar

  • Brand: Sonos 
  • Model Name: Sonos Ray 
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar| 
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Sound Format Support: Dolby Digitalt, DTS
  • Streaming:Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect.
  • Dimension: 22 x 2.8 x 3.7″ 
  • Number of channels: 2.0

For those who want superior audio without being concerned with features like Dolby atmos or bass that shakes the room, the Sonos Ray soundbar is an option. The plastic coating on Sonos beam gives it a pricey, robust appearance.

The audio frequency response on the Sonos Ray is decent. Similar to the more expensive Sonos products, it offers a feature called “Trueplay” that automatically enhances the sound quality of the bar based on the acoustics of your home on compatible iOS devices.

Particularly in hip-hop and EDM, which contain a lot of bass, the absence of bass is evident. However, if you typically watch TV shows with a lot of conversation and little bass notes, the voices are excellent and clear.

It’s unrealistic because the sound only emanates from the speakers in front of you. Only a few locations appear to be the source of the sounds. If you want your surround sound to be clearer and more lifelike, you can always add more speakers in the back.

There are several buttons on the Sonos Ray that respond to touches. With them, you may adjust the volume and start or stop your music. To access the additional capabilities of the bar, the Sonos S2 app is required.

Our Verdict

The Sonos Ray is a great device for watching and listening to talk-heavy television. There is a “night mode” option and a “dialogue enhancement mod” to help you adjust the volume while viewing TV at night. To make the discussion in the soundstage clearer and more lifelike, like what you get with higher-end models, it requires a separate center channel because it has a 2.0 arrangement.

Buying Guide

You shouldn’t expect more from a soundbar when you are on a tight budget. But even if you have a budget of $100 or $10,000, you shouldn’t ignore some of the important variables because you’re still making an investment.

The factors listed below are ones you shouldn’t sacrifice even for a $100 price tag.

1. Soundbar Design

A soundbar is a piece of equipment that will take center stage in your living room. Therefore, the soundbar must still look good and have a sturdy build even if you are not spending $1,000 on it.

Instead of choosing the simple ones, think about choosing the one that complements your surroundings. The good news is that there are many of selections with chic, stylish designs to pick from within the available range. pick carefully as a result.

2. Easy Controlling

The sound quality of a soundbar should not be compromised, regardless of how much it costs. Models, brands, or even price tags shouldn’t matter because the main goal of a soundbar is to offer high-quality audio.

Consequently, spend money on a soundbar that has numerous built-in speakers that can produce rich, detailed, and powerful sound. A powerful combination for streaming movies, podcasts, documentaries, and shows is the integrated woofer and speech enhancement capabilities found in the majority of affordable soundbars. The bass interacts with the action while playing video games, producing an exciting soundstage.

4. Decent Connections

Every soundbar needs to have sufficient connectivity options so that it can pair with other electronic devices. Although optical digital, HDMI, or USB connections should be required, Bluetooth and WiFi connections are the icing on the cake. Because there are fewer connection possibilities, you won’t have as many opportunities to couple devices as you would like. So keep that in mind.

5. Placement options

Most bars have a low enough profile when seated on a stand to avoid blocking your TV (or the TV’s remote sensor), but you should always check the height to be sure. If you want to wall-mount your bar, be sure it has keyhole slots or additional brackets.


Finding a good soundbar can be difficult, especially if your budget is tight. The finest soundbar can still be chosen without sacrificing the essential features, though, thanks to several affordable solutions.

The models in these price ranges don’t have any high-end features, but they are still a superior choice for your current TV speakers. With the list of the top soundbars under $100 we provided above, you can purchase these speakers for a reasonable price.

These soundbars may not be the best, but they do a great job of bringing joy to your space.

We hope the information we’ve provided will be useful to you.

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