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10 Best Soundbar For LG TV 2024

10 Best Soundbar For LG TV 2023

It might be difficult to locate an appropriate gadget that precisely works with your LG TV, whether you want one for a tiny bedroom or one that isn’t too expensive.

LG televisions have excellent visual quality thanks to the company’s cutting-edge technologies. To match the standard, many individuals choose an equally high-quality surround sound system for their home theaters.

Because you are not a tech guru, distinguishing between good and terrible soundbars may be difficult, especially when numerous companies use various technology.

Following multiple testing and extensive research, we have developed a list of the ten best soundbars for LG TV to make your purchasing decision easier.

1. Samsung HW-Q990B (best overall)

  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  •  Model Name: Q Series
  •  Speaker Type: Soundbar
  •  Connectivity Technology: HWi-Fi, HDMI 
  • Special Feature: Adaptive Sound
  •  Streaming: Bluetooth, WiFi, Apple AirPlay 2
  • Dimension: 5.4 x 2.7 x 48.5 inches
  •  Number of channels: 11.1.4

The Samsung HW-Q990B is the company’s top-of-the-line model for 2022. It boasts a high-end design that complements your high-end LG TV. While most soundbars are constructed of plastic, metal grills cover the front, sides, and top of the bar.

The Samsung soundbar has a subwoofer with a distinct appearance. The woofer is protected by spherical side plastic plates, while the remainder of the sub is built of wood.

The satellites of the Samsung HW-Q990 B are similar to those of other high-end models in that they may be placed on pedestals or mounted on the wall.

Set the soundbar’s bass to -3 and treble to 1 for a balanced sound with stereo content. The bass will have less boom, and the whole sound will be more balanced. The Samsung Q990B’s Atmos performance is likewise excellent, making it one of the greatest soundbars for movies we’ve tested.

In its’Adaptive Sound’ mode, you may hear vocalists with exceptional clarity and precise details. Also, in the action-packed portions of the movies, the sub adds much of the rumble in the bass, and you will feel the chair tremble as a result.


In my experience, the Samsung Q990B provides a plethora of physical input possibilities. Connecting the bar to the TV through HDMI or Optical is one of them. There is also an HDMI In connection, which is quite handy. While the USB connector beneath the bar is intended for firmware updates.

You may use this soundbar to wirelessly stream audio from your phone over WiFi, Bluetooth, or Apple AirPlay 2. Using Samsung’s Tap Sound function is another option to stream audio from your phone to the bar. Because it uses Bluetooth, you can listen to music from your phone.

Tap your Bluetooth-enabled phone against the bar. It’s convenient, but if your phone isn’t compatible, you can still use Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly.

Because the Samsung Q990B can carry over some of the highest-quality bandwidth signals, you may connect the bar between your TV and PC for sharp, clear text on the screen.


Our Verdict

The Samsung HW-Q990B is an outstanding multi-purpose soundbar that offers diverse performance. Its neutral sound is ideal for a variety of audio sources, including music, movies, and dialogue-heavy shows. Furthermore, there are other modification options that allow you to customize the sound of the bar to your liking. Overall, it’s a fantastic bar, but its exorbitant price tag may not be for everyone.

2. Samsung HW-Q950A (best bluetooth soundbar for lg tv)

  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  •  Model Name: HW-Q950A/ZA
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  •  Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical, HDMI
  • Special Feature: Bass Boost, Surround Sound, SpaceFit Sound, Remote Control
  • Streaming: Bluetooth, WiFi, Apple AirPlay 2
  • Dimension:5.4 x 48.5 x 2.7 inches
  • Number of channels: 11.1.4

The Samsung HW-Q950A excels in wireless playback. Bluetooth and WiFi allow you to wirelessly stream music from your mobile devices to the bar. It also, in my perspective, supports Apple AirPlay 2. By “tapping” compatible phones against it, you can also utilize the Tap Sound function to reflect sound to the bar’s speakers.

The Samsung HW-Q950A features a sturdy design. The bar and satellites are largely constructed of plastic, but the subwoofer is made of wood. The speakers are long and tall, and they can be placed anywhere in the room without requiring a power outlet. It’s also a long bar that won’t fit between the legs of a 55-inch TV stand but isn’t tall enough to block your view of the screen.

It reproduces richer low bass, allowing you to hear the deep thud and rumble found in bass-heavy musical genres and action-packed films. The Samsung HW-Q950A offers a variety of sound-enhancement capabilities. The bar also has an Auto EQ room adjustment feature, which calibrates audio reproduction using a subwoofer-mounted microphone.

A few physical controls are located at the top of the bar. You may use it to switch on/off the microphone and adjust the volume. You may also change the input by pressing the multi-function button.

In our testing, the Samsung HW-remote Q950A proved to be simple to use and let us to customize several of the bar’s settings. However, because it is not a universal remote, you cannot use it to control other devices such as your television.

Another feature that you may use as a remote and to adjust some soundbar settings is the Samsung SmartThings app. You may change the input, alter the level, and select from several sound types.On the bar, you may use your smartphone to play music.

You cannot use it to regulate the bar’s center, side level, broad level, or top level, unlike the remote.


Our Verdict

The Samsung HW-Q950A soundbar is remarkable right out of the box, offering balanced sound. You can clearly hear the instruments and speech in your favorite TV shows and songs. When watching movies, you may enjoy an immersive audio experience with anything from 5.1 surround sound content to object-based codecs like Dolby Atmos. The subwoofer provides a lot of deep rumble, and you have a lot of sound-adjustment choices.

3. Polk Audio Signa S4 Ultra-Slim

  • Brand: Polk Audio
  •  Model Name: Signa S4
  •  Speaker Type: Subwoofer,Soundbar
  •  Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB, Optical, HDMI
  •  Special Feature: For Surround Sound Systems, For Televisions
  •  Streaming: Bluetooth|
  •  Dimension: 41.2 x 3.7 x 2.4”
  •  Number of channels: 3.1.2

If you want a low-cost soundbar with superb sound quality, the Polk Audio Signa S4 is for you. It’s a compact, low-profile soundbar (albeit not easily damaged) that won’t interfere with your LG remote sensor. In my experience, there is no need to be concerned about mounting the bar too heavy.

You would not anticipate such a basic, compact system to provide sounds comparable to the Polk Audio S4 system. You’ll like the several volume changes available through the six distinct modes. That means you may change the bass and loudness as needed.

All you have to do is connect the soundbar to your TV, turn on the subwoofer, and set it up. It is quite simple to use. Between the soundbar and the subwoofer, there is only one wireless connection. There is no need for further setup or room mapping.

Because it is somewhat long, the Polk S4 cannot be supported by the legs of a 55-inch TV stand. Because it is not very tall, it does not cover your TV screen. Because of the wireless connection between the soundbar and subwoofer, moving the subwoofer around your area is effortless. The bulk of the bar is constructed of plastic, which gives it a more sophisticated appearance.


The Polk Audio Signa S4 performs below average in Atmos, which is to be anticipated for speakers in this price range. In addition to Dolby Atmos, the Polk Audio Signa S4 supports Dolby Digital, lossless, and object-based audio formats. Unfortunately, DTS material is not supported.

It can grow loud enough to fill an average-sized living room with sound. If you have a larger room or want to turn up the volume for gatherings, it should be louder.

In the center channel, the Polk Audio Signa S4 excels. By making it simpler to distinguish each voice on the soundstage, this increases the clarity and accuracy of conversation reproduction.

The Polk Audio Signa S4 features just Bluetooth connectivity. All of the bar’s capabilities are easily accessible thanks to the simple and tiny remote.

Our Verdict

Polk Audio operates admirably overall, and the sound quality is outstanding. The capacity of the LG TV to transmit Dolby Atmos to the audio system results in a terrific sound experience with a broad sound stage. It offers a customisable dialogue enhancement option for listening to podcasts and TV programmes, which reproduces conversation clearly and precisely.

4. LG S95QR Soundbar (best lg soundbar for lg tv)

  • Brand: LG
  •  Model Name: S95QR
  •  Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  •  Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, HDMI
  •  Special Feature: For Televisions, For Smartphones or Tablets, For Music Players
  •  Streaming: Bluetooth, WiFi, Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay
  •  Dimension: 47.2 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Number of channels: 9.1.5

The LG S95QR is the top-rated soundbar in LG’s 2022 series, featuring a 9.1.5 configuration and a separate subwoofer.

The LG S95QR boasts an outstanding build quality and a premium design–both the bar and the satellites are made of solid plastic materials. The bar’s front is covered in a tightly woven material that does not appear to rip readily.

The metal grilles above the bar protect the drivers as well. Despite the robust wooden structure of the sub, the side cloth is regrettably somewhat loose. It would help if you handled the sub with care because it rips easily.

Out of the box, the LG S95QR soundbar features a boomy sound profile. It may be extremely loud and can fill large rooms and open places with sound. Because there is little compression, audio reproduction is clear and clean even at high levels.

Its soundstage, which surrounds you with sound from all directions, creates an immersive experience.

The LG S95QR has a plethora of sound-improving features. It, like other high-end bars, features an AI environment Calibration feature that you can enable in the LG Sound Bar app to improve music performance based on the acoustics of your environment.

The LG S95QR may be connected through optical or HDMI cable. It features LG’s WOWCAST technology, which allows you to connect the bar to your TV wirelessly, so there aren’t many cords behind it, according to our tests.

However, at the time of publishing, it was only available in a few countries. It is not necessary to add on because the bar may still be connected using a regular connection.

Our Verdict

The LG S95QR soundbar is a high-end 9.1.5 system with exceptionally adaptable performance, so it sounds fantastic with TV shows, music, and movies all at the same time. It comes with a boomy sound with a lot of emphasis in the bottom region, but you can adjust that sound with the bass and treble settings. When it comes to action movies and bass-heavy music genres, the speech is clear and present in the mix, and the bass has a decent amount of rumble.

5. LG S80QY (best wireless soundbar for lg tv 10)

  • Brand: LG
  • Model Name: S80QY
  •  SpeakerType: Soundbar
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Special Feature: Compact
  • Streaming: Bluetooth, WiFi, Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay
  • Dimension: 39.4 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Number of channels: 3.1.

The LG S80QY is well-constructed. The top metal grilles protect the drivers within the bar, which is largely composed of plastic and feels solid and long-lasting.

The stereo frequency response of the LG S80QY is superb. A little additional boom in the bass allows you to experience the rumble in bass-heavy genres like EDM.

The LG S80QY has excellent stereo dynamics. It is loud enough to fill a typical living room. However, because it does not become as loud as other bars on the market, it is not ideal for listening in big, open spaces.

Because the subwoofer delivers outstanding bass rumbling, action-packed scenes sound powerful and exhilarating. The conversation is intelligible, although the uneven mids might seem distant or murky at times.

In comparison to less expensive LG models such as the LG S75Q, the LG S80QY has a variety of sound enhancing choices. Using the app, you may enable the AI Room Calibration function.

Using the app, this function adjusts music depending on the acoustics of your environment.

The bar’s bass and treble levels, as well as its EQ settings, may be adjusted. These presets include “Standard,” “Bass Blast,” “AI Sound Pro,” “Cinema,” “Sports,” “Game,” “Clear Voice,” and “Music.”

The LG Sound Bar app, which functions as a remote control, allows you to operate every aspect of the LG S80QY from the comfort of your couch.

Our Verdict

The LG S80QY is appropriate for viewing movies. It performs similarly to other bars in its price range, and although the experience is adequate, it is not as immersive as more costly variants. For Dolby Atmos content, it has two upfiring height drivers. Fortunately, you may hear a lot of thumps and rumbling in the bass region, and you can subsequently put on rear speakers from the manufacturer if you want to boost its performance.

6. Samsung HW-Q700A (best soundbar for lg 4k tv)

  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  •  Model Name: HW-Q700A/ZA
  •  Speaker Type: Subwoofer,Soundbar
  •  Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical, HDMI
  •  Special Feature: 4 Sound Modes, Acoustic Beam Technology
  • Streaming: Bluetooth, wifi, and Apple AirPlay2
  •  Dimension: 2.64 x 48 x 6.5 
  • Number of channels: 3.1.4

The Samsung HW-Q700A is a 3.1.2 configuration from the 2021 line-up. It can reproduce lead instruments and voices with clarity and precision thanks to a well-balanced mid-range.

The metal grille covers the top and front of the Samsung HW-Q700A soundbar; the remainder of the bar is made of hard plastic.

Because of its breadth, the Samsung HW-Q700A soundbar is unlikely to fit between the legs of your 55-inch LG television. It isn’t particularly tall, so unless your TV is flush with the table, it shouldn’t interfere with your viewing experience.

Despite the fact that the sub is made of melamine, the front’s lightweight cloth appears to shred or become dirty easily.

On the Samsung HW-Q700A, the stereo frequency response is adequate. If you like the rumbles in bass-heavy music and action movies, this speaker struggles to capture the thud and punch in the low to mid-bass.

When played at maximum volume, there is some bass and treble compression, but it becomes loud enough to be used at parties and in large venues. It has a strong focus, making it easy to identify certain stereo soundstage items like voices and footsteps.


The Advanced Sound options in the SmartThings app also offer a voice enhancement tool that increases speech clarity and crispness, as well as a bass enhancement feature.




Our Verdict

The Samsung HW-Q700A is a great soundbar with a balanced midrange that can reproduce vocals and lead instruments. It fails to generate a thumpy, forceful bass, which might be disappointing if you prefer bass-driven music and action-packed movies. However, it does support Dolby Atmos, which is great for moviegoers. However, in order to play it, it must downmix surround footage into stereo, resulting in a less immersive audio experience.


  • Brand: LG
  • Model Name: SP0ndbar
  • Connectivity Technology: HDMI
  •  Special Feature: Dolby Atmos and DTS: X with Upward Firing Height Channels; Meridian Advanced Sound Technologies
  • Streaming: Bluetooth, wifi, Chromecast built-in
  • Dimension: 41.7 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches
  •  Number of channels: 3.1.2

The LG SP8YA is a 2021 3.1.2 configuration. The LG SP8YA soundbar is well-made. The majority of the bar is composed of plastic, which feels solid and durable. The metal grilles protect the drivers as well. Although the sub’s fabric covering is manufactured of high-quality plastic, it may rip or become dirty rapidly.

It contains an AI Room Calibration function that adapts audio reproduction to your listening environment automatically. When this function is enabled, you will be able to feel the rumbles in action-packed movies and bass-heavy music since it has a sound profile with numerous basses that gives your audio more thump and punch.

The soundbar’s center channel performance is outstanding. The dedicated center channel in this 3.1.2 arrangement makes it simpler to reproduce language in movies and television shows with more clarity and precision.


The LG SP8YA includes several sound enhancing capabilities. If you want a different sound, you may modify it using the bass and treble settings. Presets include “Standard,” “Bass Blast,” “AI Sound Pro,” “Cinema,” “Sports,” “Game,” “Clear Voice,” and “Music.” The “Cinema” setting produces a richer 3D sound by utilizing virtual surround sound.

The LG SP8YA has the ability to transmit signals with the best bandwidth quality. When you connect the bar to a TV, PC, or other device, the writing on the screen is bright and clear.

You may access the sound bar’s settings via the LG Sound Bar app. The EQ settings, as well as the bass and treble controls, allow you to adjust the audio output of the bar. While the “Night Time” setting reduces the loudness of your programs, the “Dynamic Range Control” setting helps to equalize the volume levels of different programs. There is also the AI Room Calibration feature.

Our Verdict

The LG SP8YA is ideal for a wide range of applications. When the room correction feature is enabled, the bass-heavy sound profile it creates offers your audio greater thump and punch, letting you to feel the rumble in bass-heavy music and action-packed movies.It supports Dolby Atmos content and has a number of sound modification options. To play it, though, it must downmix surround footage into stereo, which doesn’t sound very immersive.

8. Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

  • Brand: Sonos
  • Model Name: Beam 
  • Speaker Type: Surround Sound
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Special Feature: Bass Boost 
  • Streaming: Wifi and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Dimension: 25.6 x 2.7 x3.9″ 
  • Number of channels: 5.0

The Sonos Beam Gen 2 has the same small size as its predecessor but adds Dolby Atmos capabilities for watching movies and other high-resolution content on your chosen streaming services. A fantastic complement to your LG TV home theater!

It generates a clear sound that adds airiness to movie viewing and makes TV broadcasts easier to hear. Another amazing feature we looked at was Sonos’ Speech Enhancement function, which aids in discourse intelligibility.

There is a preset to accentuate the voices, but don’t anticipate an immersive movie-watching experience all of the time because the sound will be loud at times. The talk is still barely heard until it suddenly becomes louder.

The Sonos Beam Gen 2 is well-made. It has a comparable overall luxury feel to the Sonos Beam. The majority of it is plastic, which gives a powerful, solid feel to it. A polycarbonate grille up front protects the drivers even more.

Its tiny size makes it easy to fit between two 55-inch TVs, and because it isn’t particularly tall, it won’t hinder your TV’s view. Touch-sensitive controls on the bar’s top allow you to.

Change the volume
Pause and play your audio
Switch the microphone on and off.
By connecting wirelessly to the bar via Apple Airplay and wifi, you may stream entertainment online. There are more costly options available, but considering the outstanding sound quality, it represents fantastic value.

When a subwoofer is added, the audio on the Beam alters, providing the appearance of an immediate improvement. The Gen 2 on the other hand, regardless of whether the sub is attached, always sounds more like the Beam linked to a sub.

It creates a sound bubble for any home theater system without the need for speakers, due to its well-balanced sound profile and some punch in the high bass.

Our Verdict

Sonos Beam Gen 2 is an excellent choice for audio content with a lot of speech, such as podcasts and TV episodes. It is perfect for apartment dwellers since it lacks a subwoofer, which eliminates window-rattling bass.The bass is still far stronger than what you’d get from TV speakers.


9. Sony HT-A9

  • Brand: Sony
  • Model Name: HT-A9
  •  Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 
  • Special Feature: 360 Spatial Sound Mapping; Hi-Res Audio Capable X-Balanced Speaker Units
  • Streaming: Bluetooth, wifi, Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2
  • Dimension: 28.44 x 8.19 x 18 inches
  •  Number of channels: 4.0.4

The Sony HT-A9 is a high-end system with a one-of-a-kind design. Instead of a huge soundbar, it has a small control box and four satellite speakers. Sony claims that its 360 Spatial Sound technology would create a more immersive listening environment with a broad soundstage.

Because of its particularly tiny shape, the Sony HT-A9 control box may easily fit between the legs of an LG TV stand.

The Sony HT-A9 has an outstanding build quality. The speakers have metal grilles that protect the internal drivers from harm. There is also a polycarbonate casing with a little rough texture and a robust feel. Despite being mostly made of plastic, the control box has a cheap feel to it at times. It is possible that the setup will grow heated while in use.


It struggles to capture the deep pounding found in bass-driven music and action films. The sound profile, which is still a touch muddy, may somewhat thin down vocals and lead instruments.

The Sony HT-A9’s stereo dynamics performance is adequate. Because it does not get exceedingly loud, it is inappropriate for filling a large venue or a crowded party.

The Sony HT-A9 has a substantial number of sound-improving capabilities. There are several EQ presets to choose from, such as “Standard Surround,” “Cinema,” “Music,” and “Auto Sound.” You may also use the Immersive AE feature to turn on and off the up-firing drivers. However, you cannot modify this option when watching Atmos content because it is locked to the “On” state.

Our Verdict

The Sony HT-A9 is sufficient for watching movies. On “Standard Surround,” it offers a well-balanced mid-range that reproduces dialogue quite well. Its four satellite speakers deliver an immersive surround sound experience, and its Immersive AE function lets you to toggle its up-firing speakers on and off. It also supports Dolby Atmos content. However, it cannot imitate the powerful rumble in action sequences and does not get extremely loud.




10. Sonos Arc Soundbar (best budget)

  • Brand: Sonos
  • Model Name: Sonos Arc 
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar,3D
  •  Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, HDMI
  • Special Feature: Subwoofer, Radio
  • Streaming: WiFi, Apple AirPlay 2
  •  Dimension: 3.4 x 45 x 4.5 inches 
  • Weight: 6.25kg

The Sonos Arc Soundbar is the finest cheap soundbar for your LG TV. Not only is the sound from this soundbar clear and rich, but it also appears to originate from all around you. Keep in mind that this soundbar lacks a subwoofer.

Sonos Arc Soundbar is the finest investment you will make to construct a full home theater, thanks to its sleek luxury design and integrated voice assistant feature. The bar is too wide to fit between the legs of the 55-inch stand, but it’s not too tall to impede the TV screen.

A Sonos S2 app allows you to link with other Sonos ecosystem devices to spread sound across the house. You can also utilize the touch-sensitive controls on this soundbar to play or stop music, adjust the volume, and mute the microphone. To change to the next or previous soundtrack, swipe right or left on the controls.


The soundbar, like other high-end versions, contains a room correction function that improves the bar’s output depending on the acoustics of the given room- Sonos calls this feature TruePlay, and it is only compatible with iOS devices.

When this option is enabled, the bar produces a fairly balanced sound. If you have an iOS smartphone, you may use the Trueplay room adjustment option through the bar’s app.
As a solitary soundbar, you won’t hear very long deep bass and won’t feel much rumble while listening to bass-heavy genres like EDM. The bar, on the other hand, is quite loud and may fill a large, busy space. Furthermore, there isn’t much compression at maximum volume, so you can crank up the music without sacrificing sound quality.

Our Verdict

The Sonos Arc is a high-end freestanding soundbar that offers rich, clear sound. On compatible iOS devices, you may utilize the Trueplay room correction function to enhance music reproduction depending on the specific acoustics of your environment. Even though the sound profile is a touch loud, vocals and lead instruments are faithfully recreated.

Buying guide

There are undoubtedly certain practical considerations that you shouldn’t ignore when selecting a new soundbar to go with your LG TV. Let us discuss five positive features and their significance in selecting the best soundbar for your TV.


Setting a budget and adhering to it comes first and foremost. Even just a few hundred dollars, you can still get a useful soundbar. However, if you have a large budget, you’ll obtain a more expensive model. Each of our recommendations for soundbars, which come in a range of pricing points, offers good value for the money. Additionally, there are always plenty of offers available, so keep an eye out for them. 


The designs of LG TVs are minimal and svelte. In light of this, you might desire a soundbar that blends seamlessly with your LG television without detracting from the decor. It may be worthwhile to take into account soundbars that have mounting options if, for instance, your LG TV is hung on the wall.
Nevertheless, if your TV is on its feet and the soundbar is positioned below the screen, be sure there is enough room to prevent the soundbar from obstructing the bottom of the screen or even just the receiver for the remote control .The soundbar’s width must be taken into account because you don’t want it to be broader than the screen it is supporting.

3. Subwoofer

Before purchasing a soundbar, take into account the subwoofer, as it’s one of the most crucial components of the audio setup. By selecting whether you want a stand-alone bar or a bar with a separate subwoofer, you can reduce your options. There are wireless subwoofers on the market that can be placed relatively easily, but they can be very large, which could provide a challenge.

4. Connections

After that, make sure your soundbar has the connectors you need. HDMI is the most straightforward way to connect your soundbar to your LG TV, and it’s likely that your TV supports HDMI-ARC, which enables audio to travel in both ways across an HDMI connection. Additionally, because LG is a big fan of the Dolby Atmos audio system, its screens typically have the eARC protocol needed to send all of that intricate audio data from the TV to the soundbar.

5. Streaming

Last but not least, the Bluetooth and wifi connectivity in your desired soundbar is an additional factor to take into account. Both of these make it possible to occasionally stream music without much hassle.


If you share a soundbar for your LG TV with a friend, it can add a lot of fun and excitement to your home.
That was the top soundbars list we came up with after doing a lot of research. We hope you choose the best one from them. These soundbars have a variety of qualities that the Best Soundbar for LG TV should have, including wireless connectivity, long-range performance, a stylish appearance, good sound quality, and straightforward setup options. 
Get your hands on the soundbar that properly complements your LG TV by keeping this guide in mind.
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